Tehaus Typeface

I’ve been working on a new typeface — off and on, mostly off — for more than a year now. At one point I even used it to try my hand at a linoleum carving. Thanks to a little downtime, I was able to clean up a few rough spots over the past couple of […]

In information parlance, the enemy is “noise”–a perfect word for all the random interferences with what man or nature is trying to say. Noise is the typographical error and the poorly designed page and the caption that doesn’t quite explain what’s happening in the picture. Noise is handwriting that’s hard to read. Noise is distortion on the TV screen. Noise is the lapse of memory, the slip of the tongue, the wrong neuron fired by the brain–anything that brings disorder to the intended order of a message.

— William Zinsser in Writing to Learn, first published in 1988

Generally I don’t like to quote this much text at once, but the following paragraphs from Michael Dirda are too good to overlook. They get me to thinking about what I really want to do, and really isn’t that what good writing is about (the thinking part, I mean, not necessarily what you want to […]

In the time since last writing here I experienced a watershed moment — I bought a $40 cowboy ribeye from the butcher. It was everything a $40 steak should be and more.

I also hit 30 years of age; an appropriate time for reflection.

“If you are interested at all, as I told you I was, in whether there are designs and shapes in the passage of events, then design is very important to you. It’s very important whether the design or shape or form of a series of events is really in the thing or whether it’s something that you, the artist, have manufactured. It’s important to me that there is a design and shape to quite a few things that we do in our life. So I’m very, very careful. I don’t want to be cheating; I want to get the design as exactly as I can, in itself, not from me.”

— I’m on a Norman Maclean kick.

Interesting thoughts from a report published by brand consultants Wolff Olins: […] products aren’t finite and they might never actually be finished. In fact, the product is less important than an experience of dealing with a company. Companies are only valuable if they prove themselves useful, time and again. Just might be the inspiration you […]

Gridmaster Mark Boulton tweets on the limitations of mobile: “Columnar grids are used to create *horizontal* connections between content. On 300-odd pixels, there isn’t enough horizontal.” I was happy to see a number of friends from The 9513, and writers from other blogs in general, included in Nashville Scene‘s 12th Annual Country Music Critics’ Poll. […]