Notes of Interest: Texas Music and Active Verbs

  • Bob Livingston provided an all-around fantastic read and first-hand insight to the creation of an iconic Texas album. If you have any interest at all in Texas Music, you should read it.

    So, we played it a second time and the audience knew what was coming. You think “Redneck Mother” had a great crowd reaction? Well, when we got to the last choruses of “London Homesick Blues” that night, we just kept singing over and over “I want to go home with the Armadillos …” Everyone, singing along, over and over. Maybe 15 choruses, I don’t remember. The crowd wouldn’t let us stop. When “London Homesick” ended, the roar and urgency from the crowd was otherworldly and I wanted everyone, including whoever might be listening to the record later, to know that my friend, Gary Nunn, had sung it. So I screamed, “That was Gary P. Nunn!”

  • If you have any interest at all in writing, you should read William Zinnser’s talk on the subject and follow his four principles of writing good English: Clarity, Simplicity, Brevity, and Humanity.

    Remember: how you write is how you define yourself to people who meet you only through your writing. If your writing is pretentious, that’s how you’ll be perceived. The reader has no choice.

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