Notes of Interest: 003

  • Interesting thoughts from a report published by brand consultants Wolff Olins:

    […] products aren’t finite and they might never actually be finished. In fact, the product is less important than an experience of dealing with a company. Companies are only valuable if they prove themselves useful, time and again.

    Just might be the inspiration you need to push your product out the door.

  • Do things. Tell people.

    […] make something that you can talk about. Make something cool. Something interesting. Spend time on it. Go crazy. Even if it’s the least useful thing you’ve ever made, if you can talk about it, make it.

  • Stop talking. Start making. I enjoyed the brevity of the videos and the simple call to action.
  • I sense a theme here. Do you sense a theme? There’s definitely a theme.
  • Chase Happiness.

    If you don’t wake up most mornings pumped to be alive, you’re doing it wrong.

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