Notes of Interest: 002

  • Gridmaster Mark Boulton tweets on the limitations of mobile: “Columnar grids are used to create *horizontal* connections between content. On 300-odd pixels, there isn’t enough horizontal.”
  • I was happy to see a number of friends from The 9513, and writers from other blogs in general, included in Nashville Scene‘s 12th Annual Country Music Critics’ Poll.
  • Top five regrets of the dying.
  • Having read On Writing Well, I’m aware of William Zinsser, but it somehow escaped me that he’d been writing a Friday column for the past two years. Now that it’s caught my attention, he’s signed off. Don’t let anyone tell you life is fair.

    Earlier this fall, if asked my age, I could say that I was just as old as the number of keys on a piano [88]. Then, on October 7, I wasn’t. I had outlived the standard Western keyboard and the largest piano. But then I was told that Bösendorfer, the Austrian manufacturer of sumptuous concert grands, makes a 9-foot, 6-inch model that has nine extra keys at the low end of the scale. I was saved! I had entered the Bösendorfer years.

    I did Instapaper each of his past columns, so expect to see more citations from those.

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