Below are a couple of mockups I put together for a redesign of the online roots music publication Engine 145. My pal Juli Thanki — Engine 145 owner, editor, and all around badass — recently made it to the big leagues and accepted a position with The Tennessean, effectively putting an end to Engine 145. […]

I’m not sure the experience of deer camp could ever be completely communicated, but “Welcome to Deer Camp” by Rick Bass is one of the better attempts. Though the landmarks are different and the people go by other names, it is easy to recognize the similarities between his camp and my camp, and I assume […]

Pun not intended, but appropriate.

I’ve been working on a new typeface — off and on, mostly off — for more than a year now. At one point I even used it to try my hand at a linoleum carving. Thanks to a little downtime, I was able to clean up a few rough spots over the past couple of […]