A House Lost to Time

It’s a weird feeling knowing your childhood house was demolished. I haven’t lived there since graduating high school, and my parents moved out long ago, but it was the closest thing we had to a family institution. It was a little white house that sat right off the highway eight miles west of Dripping Springs in the “sneeze and you might might miss it” town of Henly, Texas.

Update! Just a shade under a year since the last one, too. Here’s a booklet I worked on for the DIY Musician Conference last weekend that I thought turned out nice. Nobody from AudioTheme made it to Chicago for the conference, but we did send a thousand of these little guys in our stead.

I’m not sure the experience of deer camp could ever be completely communicated, but “Welcome to Deer Camp” by Rick Bass is one of the better attempts. Though the landmarks are different and the people go by other names, it is easy to recognize the similarities between his camp and my camp, and I assume […]

Pun not intended, but appropriate.

In the time since last writing here I experienced a watershed moment — I bought a $40 cowboy ribeye from the butcher. It was everything a $40 steak should be and more.

I also hit 30 years of age; an appropriate time for reflection.