A House Lost to Time

It’s a weird feeling knowing your childhood house was demolished. I haven’t lived there since graduating high school, and my parents moved out long ago, but it was the closest thing we had to a family institution. It was a little white house that sat right off the highway eight miles west of Dripping Springs in the “sneeze and you might might miss it” town of Henly, Texas.

Update! Just a shade under a year since the last one, too. Here’s a booklet I worked on for the DIY Musician Conference last weekend that I thought turned out nice. Nobody from AudioTheme made it to Chicago for the conference, but we did send a thousand of these little guys in our stead.

Pun not intended, but appropriate.

In the time since last writing here I experienced a watershed moment — I bought a $40 cowboy ribeye from the butcher. It was everything a $40 steak should be and more.

I also hit 30 years of age; an appropriate time for reflection.

Framing Battlefield Texas

I snapped a few process photos of a frame I built over the past couple of weekends. I already had the wood cut, assembled, and sanded before I thought about documenting anything, so these are mostly the complete frame laying around to dry. Most of my time is spent assembling pixels on a screen, so […]